Elite Dangerous’s New Pilots Initiative Discord Server has been declared a no visit place — Eternal Empire declares Commander rescues official

This comes from news that Cassandra Saturn, best known as Avatar Korra on internet has officially declared the server on its banned servers list as no-visit server due to its Community Moderators/Administrators being rude to Mrs. Saturn earlier this morning. New Pilots Initiative Discord server had been placed on her list after small disagreements on what is free speech and debate her professions as such, including the policies regarding player groups whom have been accused of being Nazi-sympathetic and had Nazi name as well being close to Adolf Hitler’s lieutenants whose group name came from.

Cassandra Saturn aka Avatar Korra has decided that she won’t be on Elite Dangerous’s NPI server anymore due to the interactions between her and the Commanders on New Pilots Initiative server.

The reason behind her decision to blacklist the Discord server is because that same server has allowed same group “Slavers" who are known for forcing young new commanders “minor kids" young as ten years old, boys and girls into forced labor in mines 800 light years away from their home base. Forced into servitude to the Nazis player group in charge of the entire operation. They were tricked into boarding their fleet carriers and transported 800 light years away. They issued a ultimatum to the new Commanders: “mine for us or die”

As of the result, they have effectively prevented their ability to escape or fight theirs way out. Many of new players has resigned to it and do the work out of fear that they don’t want to lose their own ship and more. As they mine for Void materials, giving materials to these groups getting less than what they would pay to them instead, this player group profited off on them, reselling these same materials for high profits to stations.

Cassandra Saturn back then was the infamous General Saturn in Star Citizen whom previously commanded massive military force that rivaled Imperium Cloud’s military forces. UEEM was General Saturn’s military she created years ago whom launched massive war against Imperium Cloud who was scamming its players for years, promising updates and changes that never actually happened. Following the war, Imperium Cloud’s military was decimated completely right after she was ousted from the game before the war had ended.

Here, in Elite Dangerous, a group named Eternal Empire is Cassandra Saturn’s very same military police government that existed in Star Citizen. Run entirely under Famous gaming guild known as Slippery When Wet. This very same guild is run by its leader, Cassandra Saturn herself.

Empire now answers the call to protect Commanders, new and old alike from player groups who does bad deeds to other commanders will be met with extreme firepower and destruction. Eternal Empire will not tolerate any actions against friendly Commanders and will declare them threat to allied Commanders. These threats includes pirates, hostile commanders, slavery commanders.

As such, Eternal Empire will be conducting their rescue missions to rescue Commanders caught in trap by the Slavery Commanders in Void Systems across the platforms.

These “Nazi" Slavery Commanders groups have existed in PC, PlayStation, Xbox for years and have gone unnoticed by Frontier Developers, Discord, Police Authorities.

it is only recently that Polygon and other news outlets made the headlines citing the same groups. But none of them actually have reported what was really happening in the game.

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