Cassandra Saturn aka Avatar Korra opens up to her fanbase after reaching her decision to tell the truth of what happened to her in her life.

Cassandra Saturn, best known as Avatar Korra decided that she would talk to her fanbase about everything that happened in her life. the decision she made wasn’t easy. it involved lots of things that people had no idea about or were not aware. even her less pleasant decisions.

Adult Games gets the ignore boot by other platforms such as Patreon

This was a little early wake-up call. First said by Cassandra Saturn, our Founder/Creator of Saturn News Media and our current Well known as the real life version of Avatar Korra.

Breaking News: Cassandra Saturn aka Avatar Korra calls it quits on Facebook and Instagram!

It came as shock to everyone else who is following Cassandra Saturn whom is known as Avatar Korra on internet. This news was announced early on July 2nd when Saturn came to find out that both of her main accounts, Instagram and Facebook accounts were temporarily disabled again. She was so pissed off at the relevance of this same bullshit she had encountered on her previous accounts which dated back to 2013. So she made her decision on late morning of July 2nd. …

“The Legend of Korra" Virtual Korra Cosplayer says “Korrasami" helped make same-sex relationships as normal everyday life in our lives.

Korra and Asami in bikini setting by Iahfy

In the finale of book 4 Korra, Asami were holding hands while looking into each other’s eyes as they were whisked off to spirit world. Korra and Asami were beginning their romantic relationship, it signaled that Korra and Asami were bisexual. The subtle hint was largely missed in Book One when Korra arrives in Republic City. At the food stall with small first conversation between the Avatar and vendor.

Cassandra Saturn, best known as Avatar Korra on internet for her role as Korra in virtual worlds and much more! Has chimed in on the hot tub discussion in Twitch earlier.

Saturn, also a upcoming and growing twitch streamer.

Saturn: well, the hot tub is problematic, it shouldn’t be in use or streamed live. I’d rather do it right, than to be breaking the rules of the Twitch’s codes of conduct and streaming. If I wanted to do hot tub, I’d do it on Plexstorm. If I wanted to do body painting, I’d do it on Plexstorm as well. None…

This just got BIG! - Saturn Announces NINE Major projects!!

Apparently Mrs. Saturn finally made time to talk to us about her projects that she’s been busy with for awhile since the production on LoK and ATLA universe stories related ramped up since the Announcements of her productions.

Now here’s been update on these said projects. Saturn has recently added nine new projects to her production projects arsenal few weeks ago after the last second Announcement.

More Avatar News! - Legend of Korra and ATLA Stories now revealed!!

What seems like too good to be true. Cassandra Saturn best known as Avatar Korra has made yet other new set of LoK stories and ATLA stories! Early this morning she announced on Facebook, Instagram and Discord server of hers that new set of stories has been made. They are set to be released soon alongside current stories.

What shocked us that she has made a untold, unknown villain stories that shows how they became villain as we know it in LoK and ATLA universe. For example,


Why Nicklendeon’s Avatar Studios and expanding Avatar Universe is happening

The truth is lot more surprising than you realize.

MASSIVE Avatar News! Korra, ATLA etc

This news is massive! Avatar massive! This comes in when Cassandra Saturn has announced that here are massive updates to her Avatar stories. The long-delayed Legend of Korra New threat whose series stalled in 2013 and Legend of Korra Amon’s Pet series stalled in 2017 as well will be resuming in late 2021, new stories are coming. Most exciting of the series is upcoming Avatar The Last Airbender’s Toph series! Originally conceived in 2013, was passed for next Korra series of Amon’s Pet.

Legend of Korra’s Popular virtual Korra Cosplayer brings back her popular Discord Server!

Cassandra Saturn best known as Avatar Korra in internet and live interactions with her on virtual worlds such as IMVU, Second Life, 3DXC and on video games including those she plays on Twitch for her viewers’s entertainment.

For those who don’t know, Cassandra Saturn is Virtual Korra Cosplayer, whom remained being Korra since 2012. During her tenure as Korra Cosplayer, she has helped lot of people with in-game stuff and in real life with her advice and her guide for those who need help.

Cassandra Saturn

deaf Trans girl, well-known virtual cosplayer and gamer, streamer. real life version of Korra from Legend of Korra. popular Korra Cosplayer. Managed by her team

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